Q: So are you a therapist, coach or both? A: I’m both. I’m a Licensed Therapist in the State of Texas. I’m also a Certified Coach. I believe that in order to develop self-awareness and use that awareness to make lasting change in your life, you first have to understand where you came from. That’s the therapist in me. The coach in me, focuses on the present, and creating your future. When you combine your knowledge of self with who you are today, you can move forward with a clear knowing and confidence of exactly who you are, and what you want.

Q: What’s the difference between therapy and coaching? A: Coaching looks toward the future, whereas therapy often looks to the past. Depending on what your needs are, we may spend our time together understanding deep rooted beliefs that are hindering your present. Or, we may simply create a solid plan of action for you to move forward. It all depends on where you are in the moment. MY job is to meet you exactly where you are.

Q: How long do we need to work together until I see actual results? A: When it comes to therapy, the process is a bit longer than coaching. It all depends on you, what your goals are, and how much time you have to invest in yourself. With coaching, you may only need a few session to help get you on track.

Q: Do you speak at events? A: Absolutely! My favorite topics to riff about are entrepreneurship and everything that it entails, from mindset, to strategy, to being more efficient with your time. I also love talking to about sobriety, mindfulness, and how to be more comfortable in your skin. I can work with your team or organization to customize any topic or workshop to suit your audience’s needs. If you want to reach out to get the ball rolling please contact me here.

Q: How will it benefit me to work with you, when you have clearly gone through a lot of stuff in you life? A: Great question! I believe in working with people and sharing not only my theoretical, academic, and professional experience, but my personal experience as well. My personal experience, struggles, pain and darkest times, has taught me so much about myself, human suffering, and more importantly, HOW to navigate the toughest of times. They don’t teach you that in school. The struggles that I have gone through has made more qualified than any education I could have received throughout all of my schooling.